Animals can be an excellent source of income, convience, or enterainment.

  • Animals given to the farmer
The Dog
The dog left to the farmer by his grandfather. The dog can participate in dog races which occur throughout the year. If the farmer puts food in it's bowl, brings it indoors when it rains, and holds it everyday it will like the famer more and may run faster in the races.

The Horse
The horse can be obtained if the farmer visits the neighboring ranch near the farm. The horse starts off as a faol, and until it grows up, it cannot do much. Once it grows up it can be ridden and can be used to ship goods through the saddlebags attached to the saddle. Unlike the dog, the horse does not need to be fed or brought in during the rain. However,it can race, and will do better if it is brushed, ridden, and talked to each day.