Here you can find a list of all the Characters found in Harvest Moon (GB).


You cannot interact with the characters beyond some of their events and visiting their shops.

Ann- The tool shop owner. Once you have purchased all of the tools she will immediately kick you out upon entry.

Nina- The seed shop owner.

Maria- Works at the church. Offering your prayers gives you a chance at having the Harvest Goddess appearing and blessing one of your cows. It is completely random.

Eve- The owner of the Juice Shop. You should always keep stocked up on Juice and Food for extra stamina during the day.

Carpenter- Will upgrade your house, and sells packs of woods in bundles of 50.

Ellen- Owns the restaurant. Always keep yourself stocked on food to replenish stamina in your work day. She loses her bird at one point and you must find it.

Animal Shop Owner- He will sell you cows, sheep, and other things for all your animal needs.

Grandfather - He is your grandfather's spirit that comes from Heaven to evaluate your progress each year.

Harvest Sprites - They inhabit the caverns under your farm. They like Mushrooms and can give you a Power Berry, as well as upgrade two of your tools.

Harvest Goddess - She sleeps in the Spring in the caverns under the farm. You can't reach her until after the earthquake. She will also upgrade one of your tools if you tell the truth.