Loves: Flowers, Cake, Tomatoes, Corn, Eggs, Milk
Likes: Wild Grapes, Turnips, Potatoes, Summer Fruit, Mushroom, Moon Flower
Disilkes: Weeds
Hates: Fish, Poisonous Mushrooms

Eve is one of the eligible bachelorettes of Harvest Moon. She lives at the Bar in Flower Bud Village, the town in this game.

Eve's PersonalityEdit

She lives and works at the bar in town. She's a wild and outgoing person by nature.

Eve has a most unusual trait if you marry her. While most of the wives get mad if they go to bed without you, Eve will get mad if you go to bed first. As a result, it becomes very important to give her gifts every day to make up for the lost affection.

Eve's ScheduleEdit

Every Day of the work week, Monday through Friday, she can be found at the town square. On Saturdays, she can be found in the Mountain Area. On Sunday, she is at the Spa. On the Star Festival Day, she can be found at the bar.

Eve's Heart EventEdit

One of the carpenters will come to your house to inform you that the hunter is stuck in the cave. If you go to the cave with a hammer you can reach the hunter. Eve will thank you for helping him and give you a kiss. The day will come to an immediate end.

What Eve LikesEdit

  • Pink Perfume
  • Flowers
  • Summer Fruits
  • Wild Grapes

What Eve HatesEdit

  • Fish
  • Mushrooms
  • Poison Mushrooms
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