Here you can find info about the events that are not festivals, aka Breaks, in Harvest Moon (GB).

Your HorseEdit

Date: Spring 10

Description: You will get a horse, as a baby animal. Later, it will become an adult horse.

Huricane BobEdit

Date: Anytime in SUmmer

Description: On the day before the huricane, it will be forecast on TV. When you get the message about it, you should make sure all of your animals are inside, except the horse, since it can't go inside.


Date: Early Summer

Description: In the early summer, an earthquake will occur. This will allow you to enter the caves under the Toolshed on the following day. Hit the trapped Sprite with the Hammer down there to free it. You will then be able to use the timer feature, if you are playing the GBC version. You can also get the Golden Axe from the Harvest Goddess Down there.

Catch the BirdEdit

Date: Winter 20

Description: Ellen loses her bird and you need to help find it. To find it, Press A on the SIlo sign. If it isn't there, it will be on another sign near it.

Where's Nina?Edit

Date: Spring 15?

Description: Maria will come and tell you Nina is missiong. You can find her in the underground caves under the toolshed before 6 PM. Make sure you ship everything before finding her, since it will be 6 PM when you find here and return home.

Egg BuyerEdit

Date: Spring 17?

Description: A little girl comes to your farm asking for an egg. Accept and she will take one and pay you. On the following day she returns and says she paid you too much and wants here change. Say yes and the event is finished.

Lost WeathervaneEdit

Date: random year on a day after Hurricane Bob hits.

Description: Ann will tell you that here Weather Vane blew away. You will find it in front of your toolshed. Check it and return to her. She will come and get it and say thank you.


Date: Random

Description: Maria comes and asks if she can stay at your farm for awhile. Agree and she will hangout in your house. After a few days, here father comes looking for her. She will go home and thank you.