In Harvest Moon (SNES), you can upgrade your house. In future Harvest Moon games, you will be able to upgrade your barn, chicken coop, expand new facilities onto your house, besides just the size upgrade, and build new buildings entirely. Since this is the first, and most basic, of all of the Harvest Moon games ever made, you can only upgrade your house. Here is lists all of the styles your house can be. It takes four days for each upgrade to finish.

Log CabinEdit

Wood Requirement: 0 Wood

Money: 0G

This is the house you start the game with. You can't get married or have a child until you upgrade your house, though.


inside house


outside house

Deluxe Log CabinEdit

Wood Requirement: 250 Wood

Money: 5000G

This upgrade is required in order to get married. You cannot have a child, though, until you upgrade one last time. Your house will be slightly larger when you obtain this upgrade.

Super Deluxe Log CabinEdit

Wood Requirement: 500 Wood

Money: 10000G

This upgrade is required in order to have a child. It is also the largest house you can get in the game.


inside upgraded house


bedroom of upgraded house


outside new house