There are a few festivals that occur each year. Some of them can help you raise affection with the girls, such as the Star Night Festival and the Flower Festival.


  • Flower Festival - Spring 23 - The Flower Festival is held in Town Square. You can dance with one of the girls you like at the festival. Perfume can be purchased for 1000G each, for you to give to a girl you like.

  • Harvest Festival - Fall 12 - You must bring some food to the Town Square on this day, in order to take part in the Harvest Festival. The food you bring must be given to Ellen's mother in order for it to be put into the large bowl. You will then get to sample the dish and the festival is over.

  • Egg Hunt Festival - Fall 20 - If you go to the Town Square on this day, you will start the Egg Hunt. If you win, your reward is a Power Berry.

  • Thanksgiving Day - Winter 10 - If you have a girl that likes you, or if you have a wife, she will bake you a cake and give it to you.

  • Star Night Festival - Winter 24 - On this festival, you can spend your time with a girl you like. Talk to the girl you want to spend time with the day before the festival.

  • New Years day - Spring 1 - On this day, go to the Summit to meet with the townsfolk and talk about the past year.