Here you can find the many ways to increase your Happiness in Harvest Moon (GB).

  • Own chickens (Buy or hatch) (10 Happiness per chicken)
  • Own cows (20 Happiness per purchased cow, 30 happiness per birthed cow)
  • Get the first house expansion (10 Happiness)
  • Save the Harvest Sprite on the day of the earthquake (10 Happiness)
  • Find Nina (10 Happiness)
  • When the girl comes to ask for an egg, accept and give her the change on the following day. (20 Happiness)
  • Say you will help find the bird (10 Happiness)
  • Attend the moon and star viewings (2 Happiness each)
  • Talk to people at the moon and star viewings (various amounts of Happiness)
  • Plow every tillable space of the farm. (1 Happiness per 64 tiles)
  • [Unconfirmed] Clear field by breaking boulders, throwing rocks in water, pick and throw weeds, and chop tree stumps
  • [Unconfirmed] Buy as much food as you can and keep plenty of food.
  • [Unconfirmed] Find all 10 Power Berries.
  • [Unconfirmed] Become a Ranch Master