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Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life was released for the Nintendo Gamecube on March 16, 2004. Originally exclusive for the GCN, it was later released on the Playstation 2 as Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition in late 2005. The Gamecube version was compatible with it's neighboring title, Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town, using the Gameboy advance link cables to unlock secret items in either game.

A sequel was released again for the Gamecube, titled Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life, allowing the player to play the role of a female character.


The game begins with the narration of Takakura, who was your father's best friend. Your father has passed away and left you his property, in hopes that you'll finish his dream of raising a successful farm in the village of Forget-Me-Not Valley. Takakura brings you to the abandoned farm, where you'll end up staying for the duration of the game.

Almost immediately afterward, you are introduced to the townsfolk, and meet the three bachelorettes. Marrying one of these women is vital to continue the story. Though it is optional to marry, the game will end after the first chapter if you do not marry one of the three ladies.

There are six chapters throughout A Wonderful Life, ranging from 1-3 years, adding up to a total of thirty years before finishing the game. After you choose a spouse in chapter one (The Beginning), your wife gives birth to a child. Your child's personality depends on the woman you marry, contributing to his likes and dislikes. His career depends on your friends, your impact on his childhood, and who his mother is. If he chooses to be either a rancher or farmer, he will grow up to assist you with farm duties.

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