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Harvest Moon: Magical Melody (GameCube)Edit

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Marriage Info Edit

You can play as either a boy or a girl in the game. Most of these characters are just from other games that have already been released.

There is a new character in this game. In the picture, the character has purple hair and a hat on its head. This character will become marriageable. If you are a boy, this character will become a girl. But, if you are a girl, this character will become a boy. The requirements for this character in either gender you are in will require 25 notes.

More information will be at Ushi No Tane.

As A Boy Edit

Most of the girls you can marry are from Harvest Moon (SNES). They have returned. The rest of girls, excluding the special character, are from Harvest Moon: Save The Homeland (PS2).

As A Girl Edit

Most of the boys from Harvest Moon: Save The Homeland (PS2) have returned. One of them looks like Basil from Harvest Moon: Back to Nature (PS), except he has green hair.