Magical Melody is one of the games that has you on a ranch, not a farm. This is not a big difference, since you can still have chickens, sheep, cows, and crops. What is different, however, is that you can choose one of three plots of land.

3 Plots of LandEdit

Along the river: Great for fishers, with an even balance of land for crops and livestock. But it is quite a hike to the village. The land is also fertile

Centre of Town: Convient if you go to different stores often, but very little room. This will lead you to have to buy more land. However, the townspeople are not picky, and there are some spaces of land where you can plant crops but you can't build there. It is also a bit far from the river and ocean if you like to fish.

Beside the Ocean: The ocean is even further from the village then the river. It has the largest plot of land but it isn't fertile. If you plan on fishing and raising livestock, then this is the place for you.

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