Peddler shop
In Harvest Moon (SNES), there are two special people that you can buy from, besides the normal shops. They are the Peddler and the Hawker.


The Peddler is only in town on Sundays with good weather. He sets up shop right near the entrance to town. He will buy items from you for more money than you get from the Shipper. 

Peddler and Shipper Price Comparisions
Name of Item Shipper Price (in G) Peddler Price (in G)
Egg 50 100
Small Milk 150 200
Medium Milk 250 300
Large Milk


Golden Egg - 10000
Potato 80 160
Turnip 60 120
Tomato 80 100
Corn 120 240

He also sells the Rare Seed for 2000G (during the Flower Festival), as well as the Blue Feather for 1000G (once you have gotten a girl to at least five hearts.)


The Hawker comes by your farm, but only rarely. The items that he sells are listed below.

  • Power Berry - If you trade a chicken to the Hawker in Fall of the first year, he will give you a free Power Berry. You do this by talking to the Livestock Dealer and telling him you want to sell a chicken. Once you take your chicken out to where the Livestock Dealer comes to pick it up, the Hawker will show up instead and make the deal.
  • Bell Tree - In the Winter of the first year, he comes again. He offers you a "Money Tree", as he calls it, for 20000G. It turns out to actually be a Bell Tree. It can be used as a bell to get your animals inside the barm easier.
  • Magic Bean - In the Fall of the second year, he will come one last time. This time, he will trade you the Magic Bean for a cow. If you plant the seed at the top of the mountain during Spring, a Beanstalk will grow. If you climb to the top, you will recieve the Golden Egg, which you sell to the Peddler for 10000G.