When you first arrive in Kardia Village, you arrive at the door to Mist's home. She is the one who gets you settled into the village at her farm. She just wants to see you get your memories back. She visits your farm every afternoon and enters your house on rainy days. She also gives you advice whenever you enter a new cave. Her birthday is Fall 1st. She's quite strange and has a strange obsession with Radishes.
Portrait mist

Portrait of Mist


Gifts for Mist
Emery Flower Radish


N/A Baked Apple N/A
N/A 4-Leaf Clover N/A
N/A Fried Udon N/A
N/A Cake N/A Favorite Item Liked Items disliked items

How to Increase Love PointsEdit

Just give her gifts daily andtalk to her daily. Make sure to also talk to her on special holidays, such as Beaches Open and the Spring Festival. The biffest boost to her LP is on her birthday.

Additional Marriage RequirementsEdit

Step 1: You must clear Danaan Cave and defeat its boss.

Step 2: Clear the farmland you received at the beginning if the game of all debris, such as branches, rocks, stone, stumps, weeds, etc. Then, till every square of the entire field.

Next, all you have to do is talk to her while she is in her house. After the conversation,
Mist wedding

Mist in Wedding Dress

you can propose marriage.