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This page contains information about Nina, one of the eligible bachelorettes of Harvest Moon. She lives at the Flower Shop with her mother. Nina loves flowers and nature and is very in touch with the earth. She spends her free time in the mountain and cave. Nina is a free spirit and, along with Eve, is one of the two girls who does not attend church on Sunday. As a wife, Nina spends time around the barn doing laundry and folding clothes. She often comments on flowers, grass, or the wildlife in the mountain. Sometimes speaks in the third person.


SUMMER, WEEKDAYS – In front of flower shop[]

"Hello. Do you like flowers?"

 Yes : +8 affection

 Not really: +2 affection

WINTER, WEEKDAYS – In front of flower shop[]

"Do you believe that there is a flower which blooms in winter?"

 Yes                  : +8 affection

 You're kidding?: +2 affection

WINTER, SUNDAYS – At mountain[]

"Plants are alive under the snow.  Isn't it wonderful?"

 Wonderful: +4 affection

 So?         : +1 affection

ALL SEASONS, SATURDAY – In mountain cave (affection score is 150-200)[]

"I heard there was the 'Secret Garden' in the ranch.  Is it so?  I want to go see it"

 OK : +10 affection

 I don't want to go: +2 affection

Gift Scores[]

The table below shows the impact of gifts when at specific locations. Nina gets very upset if you pick cave herbs, so never give those to her as gifts. She also hates flowers of any kind when married. She is oddly open to poison mushrooms when married, though, and is the only girl in the game to respond favorably when given one.

Outside flower shop[]

Cake|Fullmoon Berry: 8

Flower: 6

Turnip|Potato|Tomato|Corn|Egg|Small/Medium/Large Milk|Wild Grapes|Tropical Fruit|Mushroom|Fish: 4

Fodder: 4

Weed|P. Mushroom: -4

Herb: -6

At mountain or inside mountain cave[]

Cake|Fullmoon Berry: 8

Flower: 4

Turnip|Potato|Tomato|Corn|Egg|Small/Medium/Large Milk|Wild Grapes|Tropical Fruit|Mushroom|Fish: 3

Fodder: 4

Weed|P. Mushroom: -4

Herb: -6

Inside bedroom at flower shop[]

Cake|Fullmoon Berry: 8

Flower: 4

Turnip|Potato|Tomato|Corn|Egg|Small/Medium/Large Milk|Wild Grapes|Tropical Fruit|Mushroom|Fish: 2

Fodder: 4

Weed|P. Mushroom: -4

Herb: -6

Inside Jack's house or outside barn[]

Cake|Fullmoon Berry: 8

Turnip|Potato|Tomato|Corn|Egg|Small/Medium/Large Milk|Wild Grapes|Tropical Fruit|Mushroom|P. Mushroom: 5

Fish|Herb|Fodder: 4

Weed: -4

Flower: -8

Event Scores[]

The following table shows the impact of certain events if Nina is single or your wife. Note that AS stands for Affection Score.


Talk (AS is 0-100): 8/4 | Talk (AS is 101-150): 8/4

Talk (AS is 151-300): 12/4 | Talk (AS is 300+): 15/4 | Dance: 30/30

Give Perfume[]

Rose: 8/8 | Lilac: 8/8 | Violet: 8/8

Harvest Festival[]

"Yes" to request: 8/8 | "No" to request: 2/2 | Dance: 30/30 

Egg Festival[]

Talk after contest: 10/10

Star Night Festival[]

Visit location: 30/30 

New Year's Festival[]

Talk: NA/NA | Special Event: 50/NA 

Married Events[]

Go to bed with wife: 2 | Go to bed before wife: 0 

Come home when wife is asleep: -2 | Wife comes home after leaving: 100

Stay with wife during birth: 50

Visit another girl during Star Night: -30


Every day of the work week, from Monday to Friday, she is walking outside the Flower Shop in town. On Saturdays, she can be found in the Cave in the mountains. On Sundays, she can be found on the Mountain picking flowers. On the Star Festival Day, she is found on top of the mountain.

Heart Event[]

This event occurs once you have an affection score of 200 (or 4 hearts in the diary).  It will only occur while you are still single.

Ann's father comes to the ranch in a panic. Nina went to the mountain toretrieve an herb for her sick mother and hasn't returned. After doing your chores, equip the hammer and head over to the cave.  Break the rocks and talk to Nina.  She asks for herb.  Bring her one and she recovers, thanking you for helping her. 

Star Night Festival[]

Nina will be at the mountain and has the following messages based on her affection score or if she is your wife. 

Affection Score is:

0-200: Nina says she sees a shooting star every year and asks you to keep the place a secret.

201-300: Nina asks if you made a wish and says her wish is a secret.

300+: Nina looks forward to the shooting star every year but is much happier with you.

Married: Nina hopes she can see stars with you every year.

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