In HoLV, Part-time Jobs are used to earn extra money apart from farming. There are several different jobs you can do around the village, and each has its own advantages.

Care for ChickensEdit

Place: Ronald's Grocery Store

Pay: 180G + 1 egg

Time: 8am-3pm Monday - Saturday

Stamina: none

Ronald will ask you to care for his chickens. You will provide chicken feed for each of the six chickens, and then collect their six eggs. This job doesn't require a lot of stamina but it does eat up three hours of game clock time. Ronald pays 230G for your work, plus one of the eggs you collected. This egg is extra valuable early in the game as you can incubate the egg and avoid paying 500G for your first chicken!

Cut LumberEdit

Place: Woody's Carpentry

Pay: 200G + Bonuses

Time: 9am-2pm except on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Stamina: variable

Can be done 5 times for money and then you can cut wood for yourself.


Place: Clove Villa

Pay: 250g + Bonuses

Time: 10am - 3pm Monday - Friday

Stamina: none


Place: Mine

Pay: 300G + Bonuses

Time: 9am-1pm Monday-Friday

Stamina: variable

Can be done 5 times for money and you can mine for yourself. Talk to Rudolph every Mon-Fri between 10am-5pm.

Care for LivestockEdit

Place: Starling Ranch

Pay: 50G per half hour + Milk S

Time: 8am-5pm except Thursday and rainy days

Stamina: minimal

Bob will ask you for help in caring for his four horses and one cow. You will brush and talk to the animals, milk the cow, and lay out fodder for all five animals. You can stay as long as you like and earn 50G per half hour, so if you have time to kill this is a high-earning part-time job - you can earn over 1000G in a day after you sell the milk you receive as a bonus. Also, if you perform this job enough, Bob will give you a horse in summer! If you want a specific horse, make sure you brush that one first and most often - you can ignore the others and still get paid in full.