Portrait rosetta

Portrait of Rosetta

Rosetta is the daughter of the General store owner, Jean. She helps out at the store and collects the items from your Shipping Bin that is ready to be shipped, She is very much like a tomboy and is basically the opposite of Mist. Her and Mist are often seen as rivals, though Mist thinks otherwise. They are actually close friends.


Body rosetta


Favorite Liked Disliked
Gifts for Rosetta
Baked Potata Strawberry N/A
N/A Corn N/A
N/A Hot Milk N/A
N/A Omelet N/A
N/A Corn on the Cob N/A
N/A Hot Chocolate N/A

How To Increase Love PointsEdit

Just give her gifts such as Strawberry, whenever you can't get a Baked Potato.

Additional Marriage RequirementsEdit

Step 1: Go to the library and read the book about the White Stone.

Step 2: Talk to Rosetta when she is in her room at the General Store, usually after 8PM. You need Jean's FP at 3 or higher to enter after hours.


Location of White Stone.Source: FOGU

Step 3: Go to Toros Cave. In a larfe room on Floor 1, there is a large white Stalagmite in a room with a Little Wizard. Investigate for a White Stone.

Step 4: Give it to Rosetta.

After this, when you talk to Rosetta and she is at 10 Hearts, you can choose to marry her.