Here are Secrets and Unlockable for Harvest Moon (GB).

The Name SecretEdit

When you name your character, it will determine what you can plant in Fall and Winter.

  • If you start with a capital letter, you can plant eggplant and carrot seeds.
  • If you start with a lowercase letter, you can plant peanuts and brocolli.
  • If you start with a symbol, you can plant all four.
  • If you play as a girl and the first letter in the name is the heart symbol, she will start out with grass seeds, potato seeds, turnip seeds, and a watering can.

Infinite EggsEdit

You need the Watering Can to do this. When you have an egg near the shipping box for eggs, water it. It will become a fence piece. Pick it up for an egg. Keep picking up the fence for an unlimited supply of eggs.

Start with 1,000GPEdit

You can start the game with 1,000GP. Just look in the dresser inside the cabin for 1,000GP.

Golden ChickenEdit

By trading a chicken using a game link cable, there is a 1/64 chance that you will get a Golden Chicken back.

Blessed CowEdit

To get a blessing on one of your cows, go to chuch and pray 10 times each day, every day.Eventually one of your cows will be blessed by the Harvest Goddess. The Blessed Cow will never get unhappy and produce large milk immediately.