Here you can find a list of all the tools available in Harvest Moon (GB).

Watering Can- A basic tool which is used to water your crops.

Sprinkler- Waters 3x3 squares. The one the character is standing on and the ones surrounding him/her. To obtain it you will wake up one day and Ann will come by offering to upgrade it into a sprinkler. She will however, not take the watering can so you are free to use it until then. After seven days go to the tool shop and you can purchase it for 2000G.

Sickle- Used to cut weeds and grass.

Golden Sickle- Cuts 3x3 squares. Works like the sprinker. To obtain: After you harvest your first crop of grass, talk to the Harvest Sprites in your tool shed. One will ask if the sickle is sharp enough. Answer yes, he will be happy and volunteer to upgrade it for you. It will take 12 Real time hours for it to upgrade.

Hoe- Use it to plow the ground before sowing your seeds.

Super Hoe- Tills six squares in front of the character. To obtain: The same way you upgrade the Sickle. This time however, you have to wait 24 real time hours instead of 12.

Hammer- Use once to break small rocks, six times to break boulders. Also good for flattening the ground or destroying broken fences.

Super Hammer- Can destroy both rocks and boulders in one hit. To obtain upgrade your house and you will get it for free from the carpenter.

Brush- Use this to groom your cows to make them happy.

Bell- Take your cows out on sunny days on walks. You will see a little animation of your character and the cow out on a walk.

Saddlebags - You can buy these for your horse when it is fully grown. It can make your horse into a portable shipping bin.

Milker - It is used to milk your cows.

Chicken Feed - It can be used to feed your chickens if you run out of grass.

Cow Feed - It can be used to feed your cows if you run out of grass.

Medicine - It can heal a sick cow.

Cow Miracle Potion - It will allow your cow to have a baby in 21 days.

First Aid Kit - It can be bought in the second year or later. It is an upgraded Medicine.

Master Rancher ItemsEdit

After accomplishing Master Rancher status, you will get the first of the following 2 tools, followed by the last one on the following year's end.

Pickax- Use it to mine in the left room of the sprites cave to find a power berry.

Umbrella- Use it to make the next day rainy.

Fishing Rod- Use this in the goddess pond behind your tool shack. You can sell the fish that you catch.