In Harvest Moon (SNES), there are a few unlockables and secrets. Read below to find out what they are.


In order to get the clock, you must order the House Extension from the Head Carpenter by the end of your first Summer.

Golden ChickenEdit

To get a Golden Chicken, you must first obtain the Magic Beans from the Hawker. Then, you have to go to the Mountain Summit and plant the beans. After it grows, climb to the top in order to find a Golden Chicken, which can be sold to the Peddler for 10000G.

Unlimited WoodEdit

If you cut the tree stumps near the Carpenter's House and then enter and leave it, the tree stumps will be back. You could also just leave the area and come back in for them to return. This is a good way to collect all the wood you need. You can use the Spa to recover your stamina and collect all the wood for all of the house upgrades on the very first day of the game, if you wanted to since time stops at 6PM every night, and doesn't progress until you go to sleep.


If you keep your dog outside at night, your fences will never break unless it rains or snows.

Cow Birth SecretEdit

You must have a mature cow that can get pregnant. Go buy an Animal Medicine and Miracle Potion from the Livestock Dealer. Give the cow your Miracle Potion and then the Animal Medicine. In 3 days, the Cow will give birth, rather than in 30 days.

The Bell TreeEdit

The Hawker will visit you sometime in Winter. He will tell you that he will give you a Money Tree for 20000G. This "Money Tree" actually has a bell on it rather than money. It can be used to call your animals in at night for you, so you don't have to do it manually every night you let them out.